ten Cate’s 65 Years of History


Loets orders two state-of-the-art circular knitting machines in the USA. His plan: to conquer the international market with circular knit seamless tights – a novelty in post-war Europe.


Unemployment is high in Geesteren in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. Exactly the reason why socially engaged Loets decides this is where he wants his dream factory to be built.


Ten Cate offers an extensive range of seamless tights. European women highly appreciate ten Cate’s stylish quality tights.


Ten Cate uses circular knitting techniques for the production of underwear and introduces 4-way stretch without side seams. For years, the high level of wearing comfort of Certiform© is unrivalled in the market.


Ultra thin and super soft fabric. Plus: 3D preformed ‘buttocks’ that adapt to the body shape. With the introduction of Certifit©, ten Cate once again takes a giant leap forward in terms of material innovation.


Introduction of Secrets. Sensual, luxurious and seamless: the new line is an instant success.


Antea becomes the new owner of ten Cate. The ambition is to turn ten Cate back into the iconic European brand it once was.


Repositioning of the brand and the collections: higher positioning, new brand identity, new packaging, improved collections, two new product lines (Fine and Home & Night)

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